Great Organizing Tips for Easy Cleaning and Maintenance of the Kids’ Rooms

Guest Post by Sophia Evans
Great organizing tips for easy cleaning and maintenance of the kids’ rooms

Yes, I know what you think – ‘easy ways to clean’ and ‘kids’ rooms’ don’t exactly go hand in hand. You’re wrong, dear mothers. I know that you’ve read many books on cleaning and organization, that you’ve tried many tactics, and that you’ve failed to keep your child’s room organized way too many times.

You might think that my methods are out-dated – after all, my daughter is 17 now and she cleans her room on her own. But I guarantee you that if you try my methods, you’ll keep your children’s rooms in a spic and span condition. And when they grow up, they’ll know how to keep their room clean on their own, just like my daughter.
Great organizing tips for easy cleaning and maintenance of the kids’ rooms

Step one, declutter. When my daughter was little, she was very creative – she collected all sorts of junk into huge piles in her room for when “the mood struck her to be crafty”. As you can imagine, whenever I cleaned her room, I had to deal with those huge piles of rubbish. So, I started decluttering her room. I made my husband create an enormous shelf where I could store her junk in plastic boxes. At first she hated it, but when she saw carpet again she was really happy.

Step two, organize. When you organize, adopt your kids’ points of view. Of course, for you it might not be the most logical decision to organize action figures in front of books, but I guarantee you that your child finds this the ‘natural arrangement of things’. So, if don’t want your kid’s room to look as bad as it did before you cleaned it just 5 minutes after you’re done, you’ll need to organize your child’s belongings in a way that feels logical to them, not to you.
Great organizing tips for easy cleaning and maintenance of the kids’ rooms

Step three, for a proper cleaning – don’t ever begin without them. You wouldn’t want someone to go through your stuff when you’re not in the room, right? Well, even little girls don’t want to have their stuff touched without them being present (I learned this the hard way). But it’s not only because your child will be offended by your behavior that you need to indulge them in the cleaning and maintenance of their room – the sooner you teach your kids the importance of cleaning, the less time you’ll have to spend cleaning their room; and the less cluttered your home will be.

Step four, teach your children that it’s okay to let go of stuff. The sooner your children learn that material things don’t have a real value, the better. While you clean your kids’ rooms, give them the opportunity to let go of toys they no longer like, for example. When your child’s room is crammed with stuff they don’t like and don’t use, they’ll grow to be unhappy adults, as suggested by leading psychologists. Moreover, instead of throwing away toys and clothes, opt to donate them. Let your child pick up a cause they’d like to support and donate toys and old clothing.
Great organizing tips for easy cleaning and maintenance of the kids’ rooms
Great organizing tips for easy cleaning and maintenance of the kids’ rooms

Step five, maintain cleanliness. Teach your children that everything has a home, and every time your child uses something, they should put it back where it belongs. This is the hardest step, mom’s. It’ll take you a lot of time and patience to teach your children that they should put the things they use back where they belong. Once your child adopts this philosophy, their room (and even the house) will be a lot easier to clean. Don’t forget that your children tend to mimic your behavior – be a good example for your child.

By Sophia Evans (guest post)

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